InternetClient: Had an auth error


i am playing with urbackup and i found a problem which cant be solved by my selfs :frowning:

I installed the client and configired everythink and in the debug log i see the following:

2016-11-10 22:42:08: Trying to connect to internet server “” at port 55413
2016-11-10 22:42:08: Successfully connected.
2016-11-10 22:43:08: Error receiving challenge packet
2016-11-10 22:43:08: InternetClient: Had an auth error

On Serverside logs i dont see anythink special in the logs.

Anyone an idea what it should be?



The standard port is 55415. Did you mean that?


Port is closed for me just port 55414 is open (web) and 55413.

2016-11-13 00:02:06: Successfully connected.

2016-11-13 00:03:06: Error receiving challenge packet
2016-11-13 00:03:06: InternetClient: Had an auth error
2016-11-13 00:04:06: Error receiving challenge packet
2016-11-13 00:04:06: InternetClient: Had an auth error

Just to give some more Infos - Its seems only in internet mode. i already tested it on serval server
At the local LAN it seems working perfectly.

Cheers # Used Network Ports

There are multiple ports that are used for UrBackup. You seem to only have the web interface port open. You also need to open the port for the internet backup service.

Also, the default internet backup port is 55415 and some ISPs may block high numbered ports. Mine does, for some reason. So you should change that port to something not blocked. In my case I found that port 8000 was fine, so I used that.


no the IP is totally open from overall. There is actually no firewall in front of the Backup-Server :frowning: