Internet Settings Weirdness

So I have about 20 clients on a local subnet with the server on the local subnet. Everything is working fine other than one client that throws and error once in a while. However when I was troubleshooting that client I noticed that under settings on the client the internet settings were enabled and correctly filled out. I didn’t think I had set it up that way. I checked other clients and found that others also have that same situation.

The server is configured to serve internet clients and we one client outside the office currently that is doing image backups weekly to the server with no issues.

Is there a reason the local subnet clients now are showing the internet settings activated? It is working as far as I can tell but isn’t how my preconception of the system should be working is. When I originally installed each client it found and backed up to the local subnet address of the server. It was later that I enabled the internet feature on the server and configured the remote client to connect in to the server through a port forward on the firewall. I just want to know if I did something wrong in the configuration and what downsides to it might there be?

Thank you for any help you can give.

Ok replying to myself… On the system I’m troubleshooting I initiated a full file backup from the client and the client progress dialog shows it going to the local subnet IP address of the backup server and saying Internet: No

Just strange that in internet settings on client it is activated and showing firewal IP when I didn’t set that on the client. It seems to actually be using the local settings regardless.

I dont know for the other stuff, but using local network when being able to access both internet and local is the default settting.
In case you need it, you can reverse the connection preference with a tickbox :
“Connect to Internet backup server if connected to local backup server:”

Hmm… replied to this in the email and it didn’t append to discussion. In looking I must have not actually sent the reply :slight_smile:
In application since I have been monitoring this it is user not understanding how it works and nothing was wrong at all. Even though it shows Internet activated on client on local network the client is actually talking to the local subnet address. So it was my misunderstanding of how it would look rather than any issue.

thank you for the reply and you are correct :slight_smile: