Internet Server Password.. lives where?

Hey all new to the form and the application. I’ll start off by saying this software rocks, I’ve got it deployed across 60+ VM’s and it’s working GREAT!

But I’ve come across one little problem that I can’t seem to figure out…

I have a bunch of servers on a different subnet. 10.1.x.x my backup server lives on 10.2.x.x 10.1 is my old network i only have a few servers there that are still in production. and while there still functioning i’d like to have backups of them :wink:

SO! i have dns configured between the 2 different subnets / domains. i can ping the backup server on 10.2 form 10.1 i can even get to the web ui. no issues. but the client server will not find the backup server.

I’ve tried putting the client in internet backup mode. and yes i’ve enabled the server side settings and rebooted. the field asking for “Internet server password” is blank. i have noooo clue where to find this information… where is this password set? i would assume it’s a password stored on the server for authentication. i’ve been looking in the settings for some sort of password but haven’t has any success.

So my question is am i thinking about this right? and if so where do i get this password. my backup client keeps giving error: “Error: Authentication failure: Auth failed (Authkey/password wrong)”
Im guessing this is related to this field being blank due to my understanding of this field.

Thanks in advance for the help, greatly appreciated!

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ahhh, Alright! i think i have gotten to the bottom of this! I didnt realize there is a drop down under the main settings tab. select the server you want to configure internet settings for then do the following…
In the Internet settings enter an authentication key for that client. The key acts just like every normal password and should therefore be sufficiently complex. Having a different key for every client makes revoking compromised keys easier, but is not a requirement.
On the client go to the settings and enter the same key there in the internet settings. Also enter the public IP or name of your backup server and the port it is reachable at.
The server and client should now connect to each other. If it does not work the client shows what went wrong in the “Status” window.

I found this here:

7.3 Manually add and configure clients

Server is connected across subnets and backing up now!


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