Internet Restore port forwarding?

I’ve read the documentation, but still a little fuzzy on the restore process. We are backing up clients across the WAN to our “mothership”. We do have a few that are on our VPN.

I have seen older articles where client port forwarding was to be done. I’m not familiar with port forwarding on the client side. How would I go about that on a Windows machine? Or is this still handled on the firewall? If so, could someone give me a run down so I understand the process?

Thanks in advance!

Whether the client network router VPN can directly connect to the server, if not, each client needs to be connected to the server VPN separately.

The firewall allows the program to pass, and check whether the port used by urbackup is blocked by the firewall

If we are booting from an ISO (the restore CD), even with networking – how would we enable a VPN… unless we are implementing that from that router? VPN is hard to accomplish on a SOHO router IMO.

You wait for the restore to search for local servers. After it found nothing it’ll ask for internet server details (hostname, port, internet restore authkey).

Thank you! That answered it.