Internet Image restore


Great news! I deleted a bunch of files after I made my internet image backup and then did a restore and it was successful. Thanks to @uroni excellent work. Maybe this isn’t as exciting to you guys but this means that I can trust this as an image backup for my PC’s over the net.


It would be very cool if I could figure out why there isn’t a status of the restore while it’s happening. All I could see was the percentage that had been done so far. There wasn’t a bandwidth usage or anything either. Is this something I need to configure or is it just not available/possible yet?


Hi there !

I’m sorry if this is not the right place to ask, let me know and I’ll create a new thread… Well, I have a windows computer with a broken hard drive and I was backing it up via internet and image backup with 2.1.20 server and 2.0.36 client, the backups seems alright so I would like to restore the system on the new hard drive I installed on the computer.
I boot with the urbackup_restore_2.1.1 iso (on usb pen) but I struggle to launch the recovery…
I see there is an option to connect to internet server but I can’t manage to make it connect, sorry if the solution is obvious but I really have issue to find how to authenticate :disappointed:

Every time I enter the server address and port, then I have to provide the Internet server restore authentication key and that the issue, I don’t know what it is !
I looked on the user folder and found a lot of files, maybe I have to write some informations on some files ? What I tried with no success is to copy the server_ident.key I found on the server, I removed the preceding ’#I’ and ’#’ at the end of the contents of ’server_ident.key’ as I found in the documentation with no luck…
I also tried with the internet auth key that can be found in the settings/client section on the webpage with no more success…
I fact I don’t understand why I have to provide this key in place of the username/password (or I imagine it would be the next step since I saw the text that ask it in a file in folders of the restaure image…)
Every time I have the following message : “following error happened: authentication with internet server failed with status error : authentication failure : unknown client (##restore##jkjkgsbgjkregh4567)”

Please can someone tell me the steps I have to do ? Do I have to write some IDs in some text files on the client ? I’m sure I’m not so far to make it work but I tried so much combinations since hours with no result ! :sweat:

This computer is very important there is unique data and piece of software and configs and so on… and I can’t get it back without this restore… thank you very much for your help…


On the web ui, go to setting, select the client, go to internet tab , look for “Internet auth key”.


Hi !
Thank you very much for your answer ! and so fast !
sadly I already tried this (look in my message when I say (I also tried with the internet auth key that can be found in the settings/client section on the webpage) but it give the authentication with internet server failed with status error : authentication failure : unknown client message…
Of course I tried many times to be sure to well respect uppercase and lowercase…

Do you have another idea ? Maybe I could write it in some file ?



You need to install the 2.2.x (beta) server. Then it shows (or you can configure) the restore auth key in the general internet settings.


Thank you very much for your answer, I will try your solution as soon as I can ( tomorrow morning ) and I’ll come back to confirm that this solution has worked!
Thanks again for your quick answer :slight_smile:


Hi there !

I upgraded the server as you told me to and it seem to work, I have been able to log in browse in all the backups and launch the restore process ! sadly, the hard drive I wanted to restore on is a little bit less big, big enough though because the last one was containing less data than the size off the new drive but it appear that restoration to a littlest disk is not supported… or maybe there is a way ?
Anyway, thank you very much for your help ! the initial issue is corrected, I will try to find an exact same size drive and try again, if it works it will be a big big up for you and your work because the new restore iso including is so much simpler than the older one witch was almost not possible to manage it !
Thanks again, Il’l come by to tell if I manage to successfully restore when I’ll have changed the HD !


Hi there !
BIG BIG UP to UrBackup !!!
With these new versions, restoration from scratch of a windows machine worked like a charm and extremely easy, after having updated the server to the last beta version, with the “global” internet auth key and get a same size hard drive the restore perfectly worked as expected, then the machine booted, load the new HD drivers and that’s it !!
Everything is perfect ! Even the files in the trash bin are there lol ! So for me the question is considered as solved !
I’m so happy, a big thank you to urbackup, and its dev(s) of course !