Internet copy but first copy by hand

Dear UrBackup Support and Dear Urbackup Users,

i used seach button but i can’t find answer to my question. (maybe i look for wrong key words).

i need to save about 60Gb data through internet and, because no speedy connection, i would do a first manual copy to usb disk and than add data to UrBackup server.
How to do it?
Simply add data in urbackup server in client folder?
Is there some import procedure?
Is not possible?


Urbackup is client-server service only, + as I know yet.

Software set contains also boot cd image with client - for restore (only) from server, even over WAN,
but have no any posibilities to backup current state of failed system(etc offline) by agent from that boot cd
which is not installed into target system locally.
(I’m post “net-backup by boot cd” as feature request about month ago)

Your question is near my interests also -
“backup sytem by agent from boot cd to local hdd image, like CloneZilla /GHO/TIB/Veeam/etc tar/gzip”
and import/export such images to/from UrB
But, I’m can not post new feature requests - the limit is reached )

It’s still possible, only once, and very non-useful )

  1. Install urbackup server (main instance for backup over internet),
  2. install second instance to notebook or virtual appliance (on notebook or another box),
  3. next you can copy just installed empty main server instance - stop both and copy dirs,
    from main to second - you’ll get copy of main instance with same ID’s etc identity (read FAQ)
    on notebook or VM
  4. next, in LAN of source comp we have now temp urb-server for first backup
  5. install agent and backup target.
  6. stop both, and copy all dirs again from notebook to main server
  7. your main instance port 55414 must be published on your router
  8. start main instance only, and set remote client for backup over internet

As you see - not useful, but possible, as perversion )
Non - production variant

poor english, sorry )

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So do you suggest to make the first copy with a flying temporary urbackup server installation?
No so bad as idea!


Maybe simpler solution
Copy all the files you want to backup to the usb drive
On the server, install urbackup client, use it to backup you usb key
make a backup of this agent
once finished
make a backup of the original client (urbackup will only copy metadata)
once finished, you can delete the backup you did on the server as well as the temporary agent

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See also

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This program is simply fascinating :tada: :heart_eyes:
thank you all

Oh, sorry ) flying variant is over-engineering, and can be used only once.
we really must RTFM ) - native variant is usable, good news )