Internet Clients Setup port forwarding configuration

Hi, Hi hope all of you are OK.

In a new user installing a new urbackup server and I have some laptops that I need that they do their backups over the internet.

Inside the LAN i have no problem, however when I take the laptops outside the office, the client sends the message that the server is not reachable.

I have a couple questions:

1.- I read the admin manual, and I only forwarded the port 55415 on the router. I disabeled the Firewall from both the client and server but I get the same behavior.
Do I need to forward another port besides the 55415 for internet communication?
Or is it enough with that one (I would not like to open the 55414 since its the admin webpage and It would get exposed to the internet)

I read another post, where it says that probably I need to use a lower port (like 8888) because sometimes the ISP block higher ports. But I Stil the clients cannot find the server over the internet.

2.- On the internet tab configuration, I also put the 8888. Does this change the service port on the server, or is it only informative for the clients?

Or in other words: On the router should I forward all the ports to 8888?, meaning that i should point it to the port 8888 on the urbackup server?, or should I redirect the port 8888 on the WAN: to the port 55415 on the server

I Hope you could give me some advice in seting up the internet conections. (By the way, the internet mode checbox is enabled and the server has been reboted)

Thanks a lot
Have a great day.


Need to forward port 55415 from internet on the router to the server.
I never needed to change the port, but i think , it changes the port the server listen to.

Internet mode need to be set on client and server.
On the client tab it should give you a password that you need to set on the client.
On the server conf , it says internet address of the server , that s the public address of the server

Thanks Orgor.

I already try to forward the port 55415 all the way to the router, but the clients still reports that the server is unreachable. thats why I though in using the 8888 in case that the ISP is blocking high ports.

Do you know if there is way to test that the ports are indeed listening or correctly opened?
maybe using a terminal software like putty on that port and see if it answers from the lan and then over the Wan? something like that?



you need to do
telnet serverip port

it will say connection failled if it s closed or maybe hang or print weird stuff if closed.
on windows you need to install it , as a windows component (make sure to install only the client, not the server)


If it is open should I see a prompt of any kind?
On the lan I get weird caracters on that port. Does that mean its closed?



The guy in charge of the router didnt know that for that particular router model, he needed to restart the router after applying the changes.

Just restarted router, and voila, I can make the telnet conect sucessfully and now the clients are connected to the internet server address.

Thanks a lot.