Internet clients in mixed environment

I have mixed environment with internet clients

  • direct connection to server (different LAN) - routing
  • internet clients which are outside firewall - nat and port forwarding

If i set “Internet server name/IP” with my externally only visible IP my local lan clients are not able to backup and if i set my internal ip address my outside clients get this ip and stop communicating with server.

Would it be possible to do not overwrite this setting in clients configuration - one checkbook would be enough for that :wink:

Would it be possible ?

I suppose you mean you have LAN (or WAN) clients that are on a different IP range and are then not discovered by the server ?
What you have to do for those is to add them to the “Extra clients” on the Satus page, the server will then contact them directly through the LAN/WAN, you can then leave the external IP for clients that are outside the network.

Thanks for advice - until now i did not realize what for Extra clients is. But this option do not resolve my issue completely:

I have large VPN network and from different reasons external sites see my backup server under different IP. My backup server is in DMZ which mean there is NAT between cliens an server - i am using port forwarding and Internet option for server - this environment is totally usual !

I do not understand what for my locally configured internet option IP is overwrited by IP configured on server - anyway i have to put IP on client to initiate communication - i do not see any good reason for this option on server ?!

Currently you have to solve this using your DNS. That is return the internet facing IP when the client uses an Internet DNS and return the internal IP when the client is connected locally.

I’ll add a feature to enter multiple IPs/servernames in the settings, as this is not much of an effort. It’ll be in 1.5, though.

Maybe NAT Haipin (loopback) is answer to this? Give me a minute and I’ll construct rules for this case.

Thanks - if you are going to add such option i will postpone adding my clients from second sub network.

When we can expect version 1.5 ?

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Hi @uroni what is the status of this feature? I would find it very helpful in my setting, but can’t find it in 2.4.12

All hail the king of Necromancers !

In internet tab, Internet server name/IP, input multiple hostnames separated by ;

Just go back to a version WITHOUT “IPv6” support, watch things suddenly work properly…

Alternatively, disable IPv6 support in Windows, or compile your Linux kernel without IPv6 support…

Not that there’s any problem with UrBackup’s IPv6 “support” :S

LOL thank you :slight_smile: