Internet client setup and configuration

I have UrBackup server installed on W2k8 server and its located in our office.

I have my Windows xp laptop which i will be using outside office and i use Airtel dongle for connecting to Internet.

I have added my client to my Backup server and configured my client as Internet client, but the Internet server and client and not able to communicate.

Let me know if i have missed out any thing.

My Server Details,

Client configuration details at the server side,

Internet settings configured at the server side,

Internet settings configured at the client side,

Are able to ping the server from the client when you are outside of your private 192.168 network?


No its not pinging.

Firewall on my Backup Server and Client is disabled.

Windows OS Firewall on my Backup Server and Client is Disabled and my system are in WORKGROUP, there is no Domain.

When you are outside the office are you on the same subnet (e.g. using a VPN)? If not then they aren’t going to be able to communicate at all (which could be why they aren’t pinging) Sorry if I’m being daft.


You need to forward ports 55414 and 55415 to the IP of the computer that is running urbackup server.
The forwarding is configured within your router and varies from model to model.

Google will reveal all you need to know about your router and how to forward the relevant ports.

You will need to know the external IP of your router. That is the one seen by the outside world and not the one in the office. (Type what’s my IP into Google.)
This is the IP that your clients will be connected to. The router then forwards data to the server as defined by your port forwarding.

I hope this makes sense. I’m a little tired today.

i shall verify from my router and update you further on this.

Hi There,

Thanks for your input I was looking for this information very badly finally found it

I’m just not sure with what service should I choose when I’m forwarding a port (e.g like HTTP, https, FTP or…?) and also how can I make communication secure between both…?

Thank you again.

Sorry for grabbing that out, but I thought, opening 55415 is enough, since this is the internet client port. The manual lacks informations then. Why is 55414 also required? I dont want to let internet clients to communicate with my web-UI. In my understanding, everything should go via 55415.

Can someone shed some light on this?

This are details of an internet client which has registered but is unable to do backups:


2022-06-17 14:50:06,486 DEBG 'urbackup' stdout output:
WARNING: Exponential backoff: Waiting at least 40m before next file backup

2022-06-17 15:01:48,183 DEBG 'urbackup' stdout output:
ERROR: Connecting to ClientService of "Lukas-NB" failed: Sending settings to client failed

2022-06-17 15:02:06,358 DEBG 'urbackup' stdout output:
ERROR: Connecting to ClientService of "Lukas-NB" failed: Sending version to client failed

2022-06-17 15:02:16,552 DEBG 'urbackup' stdout output:
ERROR: Connecting to ClientService of "Lukas-NB" failed - CONNECT error during filelist construction

2022-06-17 15:02:26,549 DEBG 'urbackup' stdout output:
ERROR: Backup had an early error. Deleting partial backup

EDIT: Or happened a race condition here between initial adding/setup/client/first communication?

Solved: I had both, A and AAAA entries for my DynDNS and not the right IPv6 for the urbackup server.

So, the clients used initial IPv4, which worked, then IPv6, which was not working.

After sorting some bits and bytes, all is working totally fine now :slight_smile:

55415 is totally sufficient for internet backup.