Internet client/server connection issue

I’ve installed UrBackup on a VPS and am trying to backup a diffrent VPS over the internet.

I’ve installed the sever and added a client which gave me a command like this to use…

TF=mktemp && wget “http://x.x.x.x:55414/x?a=download_client&lang=en&clientid=2&authkey=aaaaaaaa&os=linux” -O $TF && sh $TF; rm $TF

client seems to have installed ok but the server only saw the client at install and says it is offline now and running urbackupclientctl status on my ubuntu client gives me…

“capability_bits”: 12,
“finished_processes”: [],
“internet_connected”: false,
“internet_status”: “no_server”,
“last_backup_time”: 0,
“running_processes”: [],
“servers”: [],
“time_since_last_lan_connection”: 419504

I’ve also run this command on the client…

urbackupclientctl add-backupdir -d /

but nothing appears to have changed

Does anyone know what I have missed?

Ok I worked out what I had missed.

Went to Settings>Internet and Settings>Server filled in addresses etc and re-installed the client.

Seems to all work now.