Internet client cant connect to server

Hi there all
I have just setup my server on a ubunto server at my office for my client backups to go to.

i have installed the client on my my first clients server and no matter what port i have open it wont connect to the server, i have confired that all ports that need to be open are open. i really would like to get this working please

the first server i have it install on is windows server 2016

also when i have it installed on there even when i have it directed to program files it installed to a different location

Does your server have a public or private ip address? If its private, do you have your ports forwarded?

from the client machine you can do something similar to this in windows to check if the port in opened:

Your IP would be the public ip you are attempting to reach the server by.

$ telnet YO.UR.I.P 55414
Trying YO.UR.I.P…
Connected to

If you dont see the “conencted to” then your port is ither blocked by a hardware/software firewall your routing is incorrect or you dont have your device properly NAT/port forward.

Hi i have all the backups working i just need to restore them to a different domain