Internet Backups Not Working

Hey all, New here. I’ve been using UrBackup for many years now. but I’ve never had the need to do backups over the internet. I’m working on getting this setup. and I continue to hit a brick wall.

I have a Dynamic Public IP so I’m using DDNS. this resolves just fine.

Ports 55413, 55414 and 55415 are open and forwarded to my UrBackup Server IP of It’s a server 2022 box. Windows Firewall has been completely disabled for troubleshooting.

Here is a screenshot of the UrBackup Server configuration General>Internet

Client Screenshots:


I’ven been banging my head up against a wall for half the day. Wondering what I’m doing wrong here. Any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks everyone!

Try portforwarding TCP and UDP. opening UDP fixed it for me.

Thanks @ceyephersecurity. I enabled both TCP and UDP on 55414, 55415, 55413. I also made a list of possible combinations for the 2 fields in the client configurations Settings>Internet tab then the first two fields
-Server URL client connects to:
-Internet server HTTP(S) proxy:

As well as the two fields on the server configuration Settings>General>Internet/Active clients
-Server URL clients connect to:
-Connect via HTTP(S) proxy (leave empty to connect without):

After trying quite a few and waiting for failures or success i finally figured it out. Here’s my settings that worked for me. I don’t yet know if TCP/UDP both need to be forwarded. I’ll need to test.
Settings>General>Internet/Active clients:


I also had to edit the “C:\Program Files\UrBackup\server_idents.txt” and append this line of text to the bottom.

We use internet backups, the only ports required are TCP 55415 (55414 if you want to do web restores, also TCP), the Internet TAB needs a tick in it with the IP / DNS name of the server, we enable 55414 to test the web access, if web works then backup does.

The above all assumes your backup server and he firewall its behind also has all the firewall setup correctly. The actual server also needs to allow ALL IPs for ports 55414 and 55415 as at least Windows will block anything thats not local LAN.

The only issue we have seen so far is the IMAGE based back ups done seem to run, the file does, will look at another ticket for this.