Internet Backup progress hangs

I am currently running server & client 1.4. The reason I am running client 1.4 is because 1.3.1 was giving me the issue, but did not have the same status options as 1.4.

I am able to start Internet backup from the client and from the server. But it seems after the backup starts, most of the clients progress never progress. Some stop at 0%, some stop at 2% and some go up to 21%. I checked the debug logs and have not noticed any thing indicating the backup stopped working, I see bunch of logs stating that that its still running, but there is no progress:
19:04:37: ClientService cmd: STATUS#pw=REMOVED FOR THE FORUM
2014-05-01 19:04:37: rc=0 hasError=true state=0

2 of the clients completed backup, but when I try to re-run those successful clients again they also fail so it doe snot seem to be consistent.

I have noticed that some of the VSS writers says “Waiting for completion”, but none are in fail condition.

I also noticed that with some clients after few hours the backup will start working for a little while on its own, but than it will hang for long time.
Also on the Server “Files in queue” is always 0.

I want to clarify the OS we are using:
Server: Linux (centos)

Windows 7 64bit
Windows 7 32 Bit
Windows 2003 server
Windows 2007 server
Windows 2008 R2 Server

The log message is just the tray icon communicating the the service.

You probably checked that but the description is consistent with paused backups. If backups are paused they are slowed to a tickle. 1.4 pauses all backup if the tray icon is exited (I’ll add an option to disable that).

Can you also check if any disk activity is happening on the server? It may just be busy hard linking files.

Thank you for the reply. Some of the servers actually did complete the backup, some are seem to be stuck.
I do not see activity on the hard drive, and on on of the servers when I look at the debug I see last //Shadow line 12 hours ago, and since then I only see the normal log showing the server is connected to the Backup server.

Depending on the size of the discs, I have seen backups take as long as 7+ days to complete. Did you forward all of the correct ports on both the client and server sides? I have seen that when the client ports are NOT forwarded the client will connect, but will have failed backups.

EDIT: I want to clarify the 7+ days statement, this if referring to Internet backups, not local network.

pauses all backup if the tray icon is exited (I’ll add an option to disable that).

Is that option been enabled somewhere? I think this is a problem that my Internet-only Windows client is having. When no one is logged in, it goes offline in the server web gui.

It only pauses if you explicitly click on “Exit” in the tray icon context menu.

But it goes offline when no one is logged into the Windows system. Since there is a service running, should it matter if anyone is logged on or not?