Internet Backup Feature request


We do over Internet only backups for remote servers. A feature that would really help is to be able to set different Max backup speeds for different times.

i.e. Max the speed for after office ours then reduce the speed during office hours automatically

it would also be good to have this feature on seperate client settings

Could you not just set the clients to only back up when the office does not have people in it?

If you’re using the newest version of the client and server, (I believe this still applies to 1.4.10 Client and 1.4.11 Server) there is a tab under (Settings -> Internet) that you can set for all your clients. On the same menu, you can click the drop-down next to (General | Mail | Users - up at the top) to select specific clients, check the box to enabled different settings for that specific client, and set their own time.

HOWEVER, this only applies to a general time and cannot be broken into different time slots (as far as I know).