Internet Backup - Client Showing Offline

Have a new Urbackup server running to test before rolling out.

I have the server running on Ubuntu Server and everything internally is fine. Client on the same network connects and is able to do a backup. Shows online on the server status page and everything OK.

I also have a client on my PC at home which was installed by adding the client manually on the server and downloading the prebuilt client.

The client shows connected when I check it’s status (but is Red in the tray) and the server says that it is offline. From the client PC I can browse to the servers webpage so I’m assuming that the port forwarding etc is working.

I have the web front end running on the default port 55414 but should that also be the port that the clients connect to ?

I’ve seen similar behavior when I’ve first setup a new client, or when I’ve modified the client’s server password. In my experience, if you just wait some time (perhaps 15 minutes), things resolve themselves eventually.

If you haven’t already, check that you have port 55415 open on your firewall, as this is required for backups to work. Port 55414 is only for the HTTP interface – not for the backup service.