Internet address / ip

Hi Sorry for this topic and question as I am sure that it has come up before.
For the internet setting in urbackup how do I get client machines to see the server over the internet I know I have to open port / port forward, but do I link my wan ip to a ddns and put that in urbackup server name / ip box.
I am on the right track or way off…

Do you have a domain name? Do you know how to set DNS records? Is your WAN a static IP address?

Hi I got it working I have a static ip and added this to a ddns and opened the ports including client ports but I can not get the clients to start backup but clients connect no problems and the server will see them. oh and no logs generated…

Your ISP might block ports with a very high number. If you are not using port 8888 for anything, try forwarding that to your UrBackup instance and changing the settings on the client side to reflect that port number. It is what I had to do.