Internal database backup problem

We run into an issue that the server stopped working and found that the internal database was broken. We enabled Automatic backup database on server and checked the backup of the internal database and it was backed up.
However I just found one copy of database under urbackup backup path. Since the internal database was bad, therefore the backup of the database is also bad.

My question is: Maybe the internal database should be backed up also incrementally to avoid failure?

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You should consider backing up the database by some other method. It does an integrity check before backup but that is obviously not able to catch all problems.

See also the admin manual:

###8.1.12 Automatically backup UrBackup database

If checked UrBackup will save a backup of its internal database in a subdirectory called ’urbackup’ in the backup storage path. This backup is done daily within the clean up time window. Default: Checked. If you backup a lot of files and the database gets large consider disabling this and performing the database backup via another method, e.g. by installing the UrBackup client on the server. You should backup “/var/urbackup” or “C:\Program files\UrBackupServer\urbackup”.

We could do an extra backup of the database (even with incremental versions), however the problem is how do we check if the database is already broken? Backing up the broken database (such as using Urbackup Client) does not solve the problem.