Intermittend crash of UrBackup on CentOS7

I’m not sure if this is related to CentOS 7, but one of my UrBackup servers intermittently failes with a error like this in the syslog:

phash load[29985]: segfault at 48 ip 0000000000536fa7 sp 00007f32b6fdc930 error 4 in urbackupsrv[400000+692000]

Does this ring a bell for anyone?

The server runs normally, backups are being created. It just crashes on urbackupsrv occassionaly. The last crash before this one was 5 days before, but then it crashed twice in the span of one hour.

Moved to testing because the crash is likely caused by the parallel hash loading beta feature.

Hi Uroni,

I do indeed have the “Calculatie file hashes on client in parallel” option enabled. I’ve turned it off for now, let’s see if this solves the issue. If you want me to test anything or try anything, feel free to let me know.

I’m running a UrBackup 2.2.11 server on CentOS 7.5.1804 (x64). Apart from UrBackup-Server, it’s a basic server, no GUI.

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