Integrate backup to tape

I am looking for a way to copy all my backups in UrBackup additional to a tape drive.
I am thinking of simply copying all “current” folders to tape. So I have a full backup of all clients every day.
Is there an existing solution for this?

My favourite would be if it is intergrated in UrBackup so I can see in the webinterface wether the backup was successfull or any errors occured.
Alternativ is there a shell script or other backup solution to acomplish this?

My server is running on linux.

Thank You

I have made a little post_incr_filebackup script which save specific hosts on tape.

Suggestions or help with the todos are welcome!
Especially with: If tape backup fails urbackup should fail too.
Does someone knows how I can do this?

Return a non-zero exit code (like mentioned in the manual). It is best practice to run bash scripts with set -e so this happens automatically if a command fails.
I’d also compress it (with tar) at least a bit (at least lzop).

Thank you I am not so in shell scripting set -e looks good.

The tape drive (LTO-6) has it one compression built in. Do you think it makes sense to use additional compression with tar?

Ah ok, didn’t know about the compression. You’d have to test it with your data, and look if the CPU usage wouldn’t get too high (or just leave it be).

@uroni Is there any chance that you include a feature like this in UrBackup directly?

My script is now working, but still missing a lot of stuff that would be nice to have. (Database for the tapes, easier restore,…). Before I implement all this in my script, I just wanted to check if you have any plans to include such features directly in UrBackup, which would of course be much nice than my script.