Installing urBackup on Windows 10 pro or Server 2016

Hi everyone, I am going to start using urBackup and I am not sure to install it on windows server 2016 or Windows 10 Pro, I am going to use it only for just file sync/backup once a week, basically just users files (Desktop, Docs, Pics, Music and Videos folders) no PST files or business related files. No image backup. Do you thing windows 10 pro (OS on SSD, 12GB RAM, …) will do it as good as windows server? Also I am not goint to use deduplication just RAW file.

Any real benefit using Server 2016 vs 10 Pro?

Any suggestions will be appreciated, thanks!

Doesn’t matter. The server edition has better defaults and is better tuned for server operation, however. Plus you get offline dedup if you want to use that, but you said you didn’t.

Thank you uroni for your answer, I am going to try it on Windows server 2016