Installation on MX-linux issue and workaround

On MXlinux, there is systemd and systemv init build in, but default this OS runs systemv init.
The installer does not detect this, and fails to setup the correct init system.

Before you install, check that lsb-base package is installed !

Work around : run the installer, do not answer Y or N at proceed quetion
Look in /tmp for directory selfgz,copy this directory to somewhere
Answer N in running script, got to copied files
Goto line 112 (or around there)
Channge in line : if command -v systemctl >/dev/null 2>&1
add any numer directly after systemctl (p.e. systemctl2 ) (make the test fail)
save and run the shell again

The test only checks for the existance of sytemctl, not if it is actually running
Maybe there should be a check if systemd is actually running ?
I checked on my system with
if [[ systemctl is-system-running =~ running ]]; then echo using systemd;else echo not using systemd; fi
which retured ‘not using systemd’. Can’t check any ohter system.
Hope this helps someone.