Install UrBackup Server on Truenas Scale

Hi everyone, I’ve been using Urbackup for over 10 years and want to give something back to the community. I noticed the Urbackup Downloads page is missing instructions on how to install Urbackup server on a Truenas Scale server. Maybe we can add these instructions to the website?

I’m running TrueNas Scale Cobia

  1. In Truenas Scale, go to Datasets and add 2 Datasets for urbackup. I created URBACKUP_BACKUP and URBACKUP_DATABASE
  2. Go to Apps and click on Discover Apps
  3. Click Custom App
  4. Application Name = urbackup
  5. Under Container Images, Image repository = uroni/urbackup-server and Image Tag = latest
  6. Under Container Environment Variables, add a Container Environment Variable Name = TZ and Environment Variable Value = America/New_York to set your timezone to EST
  7. Under Networking, add an external interface, select your Host Interface, IPAM type = static, and add a static ip. In my example, i used as my static ip. You can add multiple interfaces here if you need UrBackup server to access clients on multiple VLAN’s.
  8. Under Storage, add a Host Path Volume with a mount path of /backups. That will use the host path of the first dataset we created in step 1. In my case, that is URBACKUP_BACKUP
  9. Add a second Host Path Volume with a mount path of /var/backups. That will use the host path of the second dataset we create in step 1. In my case, that is URBACKUP_DATABASE
  10. Click Install and wait a few minutes for the installation to complete.
  11. Access the web interface at and configure Urbackup server as normal.


Thank you, this was helpful! The only problem i have now is to run the container as a specific user ID/group ID, have you tried to change that from default?

Also, there is a small error in step 9. The mount path should be /var/urbackup not /var/backups, please update.

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You are correct about step 9. I don’t see an option to edit my post to fix it.

I kept the default user and group ID.

In truenas when you edit the urbackup app there’s an option to configure the user and group ID.

I have been running the latest-zfs image instead of the latest image on Truenas scale because Truenas scale it self is also using zfs.

Seems to work great for the last few months. Only thing I didn’t get working yet is traefik for the web UI so I can use a ssl certificate with it.

How do I get this zfs image working on truenas scale?

For the instructions, there was no discover apps/custom app button, I needed to press launch docker image.

So if you do it this way, then try and browse the backups remotely, it fails because it can’t find the symlinks.

I worked around the issues y doing htis in the host:

mount --bind /mnt/tank/urbackup_backup /backups


CONFIG="follow symlinks = yes\nwide links = yes\nunix extensions = no\nallow insecure wide links = yes"

# Check if the configurations are already present in smb4.conf
grep -q -F "symlinks" "$SMB_CONF"

if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
    echo "Configurations are already present in $SMB_CONF. No changes made."
    # Append the configurations and restart the Samba service
    echo -e "\n$CONFIG" | sudo tee -a "$SMB_CONF"
    sudo systemctl restart smbd
    echo "Configurations added to $SMB_CONF. Samba service restarted."

Also this doesnt seem to have whatever is needed to mount the images via the web

Got ZFS working by

  1. picking the latest-zfs tag for the docker image
  2. Enable Workload Details → Security Context → Privileged Mode
  3. Create a host mount path for /etc/urbackup
  4. adding
    echo “tank/urbackup_backup” > /etc/urbackup/dataset
    echo “/mnt/tank/urbackup_backup” > /etc/urbackup/backupfolder

Still need to figure out:
2024-03-31 17:08:48.595764-04:00TEST FAILED: guestmount is missing (libguestfs-tools)
2024-03-31 17:08:48.598784-04:002024-03-31 17:08:48: Image mounting disabled: TEST FAILED: guestmount is missing (libguestfs-tools)

@A_Jolly this sounds like a problem specific to your setup. My instructions result in a server that you can backup, restore, and browse the backups remotely.

I’ve got that working, but does yours support
1)mounting and browsing the files on an image backup,
2) ZFS deduplication
3) Browsing backed up files over a network share, not just the web interface?

1)mounting and browsing the files on an image backup,
I never use urbackup in this way.
2) ZFS deduplication
No deduplication.
3) Browsing backed up files over a network share, not just the web interface?
I use the web interface to browse backup files.

Ah yeah, all those should work, just need to figure out how to configure it right to do so. At least I got #3 working. I like having network mounts so I can do things like diff my current file to a previous version.

Could you please expand how you achieved #3?
I mean, i could create a SMB share to point to the folder wherre UrBackup is saving the backups but, without proper restrictions all users will have access to the backups of every other user in the system.

you can probably limit this with ACLs.

I guess you are right. But i think i would need an ACL for each urbackup client.
This is fine if you have a small number of clients but it becomes difficult to manage if you have more than, lets say, 10 clients.

There has to be an easier way, unless I’m overthinking things again.