Install UrBackup Server on Truenas Scale

Hi everyone, I’ve been using Urbackup for over 10 years and want to give something back to the community. I noticed the Urbackup Downloads page is missing instructions on how to install Urbackup server on a Truenas Scale server. Maybe we can add these instructions to the website?

I’m running TrueNas Scale Cobia

  1. In Truenas Scale, go to Datasets and add 2 Datasets for urbackup. I created URBACKUP_BACKUP and URBACKUP_DATABASE
  2. Go to Apps and click on Discover Apps
  3. Click Custom App
  4. Application Name = urbackup
  5. Under Container Images, Image repository = uroni/urbackup-server and Image Tag = latest
  6. Under Container Environment Variables, add a Container Environment Variable Name = TZ and Environment Variable Value = America/New_York to set your timezone to EST
  7. Under Networking, add an external interface, select your Host Interface, IPAM type = static, and add a static ip. In my example, i used as my static ip. You can add multiple interfaces here if you need UrBackup server to access clients on multiple VLAN’s.
  8. Under Storage, add a Host Path Volume with a mount path of /backups. That will use the host path of the first dataset we created in step 1. In my case, that is URBACKUP_BACKUP
  9. Add a second Host Path Volume with a mount path of /var/backups. That will use the host path of the second dataset we create in step 1. In my case, that is URBACKUP_DATABASE
  10. Click Install and wait a few minutes for the installation to complete.
  11. Access the web interface at and configure Urbackup server as normal.


Thank you, this was helpful! The only problem i have now is to run the container as a specific user ID/group ID, have you tried to change that from default?

Also, there is a small error in step 9. The mount path should be /var/urbackup not /var/backups, please update.

You are correct about step 9. I don’t see an option to edit my post to fix it.

I kept the default user and group ID.

In truenas when you edit the urbackup app there’s an option to configure the user and group ID.

I have been running the latest-zfs image instead of the latest image on Truenas scale because Truenas scale it self is also using zfs.

Seems to work great for the last few months. Only thing I didn’t get working yet is traefik for the web UI so I can use a ssl certificate with it.

How do I get this zfs image working on truenas scale?

For the instructions, there was no discover apps/custom app button, I needed to press launch docker image.