Inode_db over 1TB after storage migration

Windows server 2.1.19. Just did a storage migration, seemed to go OK, hard to say until I test some restores. Afterwards ran delete_unknown which deleted some stuff that I don’t think it should have but that’s gone now so oh well. Are there any other cleanup files I should run?

Only obvious problem that I see is that the inode_db.lmdb is now over 1TB in size. How should I shrink or delete this file to get some space back? This file isn’t even mentioned in the Administration Manual, what is it? Thanks.

Pretty much the same-- Windows Server 2008 R2, UrBackup server (current) running for about a year. Had a failing storage drive so tried migration. Upgraded to 2.2.5 Beta first because I didn’t think migration worked in version 2.1. Very puzzled by resulting inode_db.lmdb and inode_db.lmdb-lock files in the migrate_to directory, especially since they occupy one-fourth of my storage space.

I went through the same procedure today with the same result. inode_db.lmdb eating up 1TB.
I followed the manual very thoroughly and the migration tool seems to have ended its job successfully. There is a migrate_storage_to.done file in the program folder. I’m on server 2.1.20.
So I don’t know what to do about the inode_db folder an when it’s save to delete the files in the old location.
I’d like to offer to write up a more detailed description of the process as soon as I’ve accomplished to migrate completely.

Yes, the inode_db folder can be deleted after migration. I have modified server 2.2.x (beta) so that it does that automatically.

The current LMDB (database) code also seems to make Windows LMDB behave the same as on Linux. There it only uses as much space on disk as is actually used and not the maximum size. So hopefully there is a LMDB release which includes this soon.

Maybe a stupid suggestion, can it be splitted by server/day, then deleted as the migration progress ?

Ok, thanks