Initial Local Backup then Remote Incremental aftwerwards

This is the setup we would like to do, we have multiple clients with multiple backups.

We would like to Take a Local backup initially, and then trasnport that data to Our Remote URBackup Server.

As soon as that data is copied to the Server, we would like the Clients server backups to pick up and start Incremental backups.

We can get the local First full image backup working fine (lets say to a laptop acting as a server)

What we are struggling with, is then moving that data to the remote server and gettign URbackup there seeing it. And then For the Client to see the remote server.

Where are we going wrong?

I’m not sure how you would go about importing an image to the server.
Could you use file backup instead?
It’s very simple to do;

  1. Copy data to portable device.
  2. Attach portable device to a client on the same network as your server.
  3. Add the portable device to the backup path list and backup.
  4. Remove portable device and begin remote client incremental backup.

This process works well for me.

If you must use image backup then I suppose you could clone the entire drive on the remote machine. Attach the clone drive to a client on your servers network and do a full image backup of the clone. This may work but I’ve never tried it. It depends on how the server identifies the drive. If it uses the UUID it should be ok. If it sees it as machine xyz’s C: drive it won’t work.