Informations to write a Nagios check plugin

I’d like to write a plugin check for Nagios. Can you tell me if it’s possible to find in the urbackup.log (or somewhere else) all informations about errors or warnings about differents kind of backups that provide urbackup ?
I would need the computer name, a description of errors and warnings.
May I enable a “debug” function of urbackup to get theses informations in the log file ?
Thanks for your help.

It really depends on what information you want.

For example the fatal error when it runs out of space on the backup drive and cannot delete old backups should be one to watch out for.

If you want to access last backuptimes and individual backup logs I would suggest using the web interface for example via a script language like python. Info level logging prints that info too but the information the web interface gives you is more structured and is readily parsable (it’s JSON).

I’ve written a simple script that pulls information directly from the database; it only does some basic checks at the moment (ie, age of last file/image backups). You can run it using nrpe.