Info About Btrfs file system and Urbackup Subvolume

I have installed Rockstor (a Linux Btrfs NAS Server Built on openSUSE Leap15.3)
and im trying to make an docker image (they name it Rock-on) of UrBackup.

here is the forum topic if that can help Need help with Rockon Addons and space usage - Support - Rockstor Community Forum

The container is working as it should. the problem lie in the way UrBackup make subvolume for each computer (don’t take me wrong it’s a great feature) because the way the send/receive is working it’s impossible to use a wildcard or a subvolume who is not share.
so the UrBackup part is working perfectly, the Rockstor part too … but both of the dosen’t play nice with each other.

For now the solution i have foud would be to put all Urbackup on the same folder so the Rockstor part would work as intended. Is it possible ? have you any idea if i can use wildcard with btrfs Send/Receive ?

or anything else that come to your mind ?
Thank you.