Indexing al the time

when i backup files , the client begin create a index. however ,it is already for five hours keeps this status all the time .

I have seen that very rarely. This is what happens when I notice it, might not be the same for you at all.

I have only noticed this with client on windows. The client for some reason goes into pause mode but that can’t be seen on the “Activities” page, but if you click “Status” page it says the server is waiting for the client to continue.
All I had to do in those very few instances (has happened 3-4 times ever for me) was to open the client interface (on the windows machine) by right clicking the icon in the “task bar” and select continue (or resume, can’t remember exactly what it says). That continued the indexing and then ran the backup for me.

Maybe something similar for you?

If not, check the status of the client when the server says it is “indexing” to make sure the client is not crashed or something is blocking the traffic somehow.

Thanks , the client is on windows 。 that’s what you’re talking about . i clicked the continue , it keeps this status too. it is not run the backup for me 。 (it was happened about 7-8 times ever for me ,on OTHER windows,OS win7 and win2012)

Thanks for your help ,sir. now it is starting backup .

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