Incremental or Full Backup?


Let’s start by saying this is a really nice project your building here!
I’ve been using urBackup for 2 days now and everything seems to work out pretty nice.
We have a network of more than 200 laptops where we like to make backups from certain folders to the server in case of theft or any other disaster. At the moment we did this with a self-made tool that did its work for several years.

Now urBackup gives us much more options like internet backup and some nice overview and logs.
The only problem we are having is the following:

We like to make only 1 backup, so what that means is that on the server side there is only 1 folder which contains a copy of the clients folders. The program we used until now checks if there is anything new on the client side and adds, overrides or delete’s it from the server folder.
Now with urBackup it seems there are more folders created for every backup it makes, so I was thinking 1 incremental should fix this. But there are still 2 folders (meaning 2X the data storage, it seems?)

How do I need to change my settings so only 1 folder gets created per client and the data is stored only 1 time, and can we still use incremental backups in this case?

Long story short: We need only 1 (incremental) backup from every client, so we don’t run out of storage.

Keep up the good work :geek:

Keep in mind that it’s using hard links in those directories. If you look in an incremental directory, it looks like a complete set of the files (because it is). But files that haven’t changed between incrementals are actually hard linked to the same file which means there aren’t multiple copies of that file - it just looks like it.