Incremental images not starting automatically

We have an issue where incremental image backups are not running automatically. The clients are found and show as online. Any settings changed on the server get pushed to the clients. We have the backup window set for 1-7/0-24 and have incrementals set for every 1 day and and full every 14 days. If we initialize the incremental manually from either the client or server it works fine. We have file backups turned off completely. I am currently using the 1.3.1 server and 1.3 client but had the same problem with the 1.2 versions. I re-installed it on a complete new server and started from scratch but still have the same issue. Even though the incrementals are set for 1 day the status it is shown as OK even though it reports last backup many days ago. Thanks for your help.

Edit: Clients are mix of windows 7,8 and server 2003
Server is currently server 2012, but same problem on 2008R2

Just tried to reproduce the problem and did not manage it. I simulated the days via changing the system time.

Is the status showing OK, even though the last backup was more than 3 days ago? If yes this is a settings issue. The setting that counts is the one that is shown on the server, if you select the client even if it is greyed out. If you cannot find any anomalies there you could send me your backup_server_settings.db* files to .

Hi Martin, yes the status will sometimes show ok even if the last backup is outside of the interval time. This however isn’t consistent with all of the clients. What is consistent is none of them start running automatically. I have emailed you the backup_server_settings.db file. Like I said this problem continues to happen after a full uninstall/ reinstalls of server and clients. We have no firewalls on any machines in our local network. Thank you.

Okay, thanks for the mail.

I may have found the cause. There is a bug that prevents incremental image backups from starting if the incremental file backup interval is negative. Temporary fix: Make the incremental file backup interval positive and disable the file backups via Server tab.
I’ll upload a fixed 1.3 version tomorrow.

If the status screen problems persist, please keep posting updates on what goes wrong.

Thanks for looking in to it Martin. The server is currently set to a positive interval number and the file backups are disabled but I had previously used a negative number. Maybe the settings don’t get updated when the interval is changed back? I’ll reinstall with the new build and let you know how it goes. Thanks.

After the newest build the incremental images are running automatically. Thanks!