Incremental image backups not starting automatically on any client

Windows Server 2016, UrBackup server version 2.4.12 (did not work with 2.3.something also), latest client.

Interval for both incremental and full backups are 1-7/0-24

Manual incremental image backups work ok.


In permissions the option “Allow client-side changing of settings” enabled or disabled?
If enabled disable it and try again.

If enabled than: The settings configured on the client will overwrite the settings configured here. If you want to change this behaviour do not allow the client to change settings.

I enabled “Allow client-side changing of settings” only for the first week of deployment. Since then I have it on Disabled because I could set all possible backup scenarios from the server. Maybe the issue is that I had this setting enabled before.

Do these checks:

  1. Enable “Allow client-side changing of settings” and check intervals on the client. It should be the same as in the web interface.
    Both “Disable” should be unchecked!

  1. Then change settings in the web interface and check it on the client. The client have to got new settings.

I did the steps above. Settings on the client side seem ok. Incremental backups are still not working on all machines except on my PC.

I then directly compared settings.cfg in Program Files on my machine and 3 others. On my machine these two keys exist but not on others:
This is the only difference I could find.

However we don’t use internet backup.

Send these screenshots: