Incremental File Backup seems to copy files that have not changed


I’ve got a couple of backup folders my Ubuntu client machine. There is one very big folder that seems to work just fine but there are a couple of smaller folders that seem to be backed up every time the client performs an incremental backup.

Towards the end of the log I get loads of lines like this:

2018-04-26 20:51:42(info): Referencing snapshot on “ubuntu” for path “Cloud_Config” failed: FAILED

Does it mean that the server cannot find the data in an older backup for some reason and thus copies the files again?

Even when I start a backup directly after the first one there’s always a certain amount of data (around 300MB) written.

Could this be a faulty configuration on my end?

It s at info level , i wouldn t worry about it

Well the backup seems to be fine in terms that everything that should be backed up is there. It just seems that it’s taking more space on my drive than necessary. But I cannot really validate this. What does this log line actually mean?