Incremental deletion - please confirm my assumptions



Please confirm (or deny) my assumptions for how incremental works.
Full each 30 days, incremental daily with max 10 backups kept.
Day 0 - full is created
Day 1 - file A is modified
Day 1 - file B is also modified.
Day 1 - file C is added
Day 2 - file B is deleted
Day 2 - file C is deleted

Day 29:

  • I am able to access file A as modified on Day 1 (because modified version is linked in all subsequent backups)
  • I am able to access file B as of Day 0, because modified copy from day 1 was deleted along with rotated backups.
  • I’ve lost file C completely.

Is this right?

Basically, am I able to shoot myself in the foot if I set full/incremental number/frequency incorrectly?


If you want file C, chose a day before it was deleted.

Assuming backup is at midnight
If you can restore file C from a backup of day 2 midnight open a bug report
If you can not restore it from day 0-1 midnight also open a bug report

Really, in general , please test roughly test your backups/restores (with any software)



These are theoretical scenarios. I want to at least think I understand rules before I start live tests.

As far as I understand UrBackup:

  • File A is still available as modified on Day 1, because it is linked in all subsequent backups
  • File B’s modification on Day 1 was deleted along with incremental from Day 1
  • File C is totally lost - it was available only on Day 1 incremental, which is now deleted