Incremental backups are always about the same size

Hello everyone,

i set up my Urbackup (server runs on a RasPi 4, 8 gig using Dietpi) and have it all configured for all my home computers to do full and incremental file backups. i have notice that the daily incremental backup is about the same size each time (see SS below) and is around the same size as the initial incremental backup.

this computer in question is a computer that does not have active users and runs my security system. the videos are on a separate drive that is excluded from being backed up so i know its not that.

i will note it is like this for all of my computers.

any ideas or am i missing something?

thank you.

more info:

i ran this command in the urbackup computer folder

du -h --max-depth=1 | sort -hr

This is the results:

217G    .
135G    ./220820-1934_Image_C
44G     ./.directory_pool
36G     ./220821-1132
1.5G    ./220824-0953
419M    ./220823-0946
414M    ./220820-1932_Image_SYSVOL
307M    ./220822-0935
292M    ./220823-2150
287M    ./220822-2142
283M    ./220821-2133
18M     ./220820-1933_Image_ESP

What folders are you backing up? If it includes the user profile it’s normal, it will be various caches etc that change continually so keep getting backed up again.

i was able to find a set of logs and yeah, its a bunch of stuff in my user profile under %appdata%, i may exclude it from the incremental backups.