Incremental backup - which files have changed

Is there a way to find out which files have been backed up during incremental file backup? I could not find it in web UI’s “Logs” neither it seems to be discoverable from “Backups” screen. If I understand the UI correctly then the “List” context button for files and folders lists all versions of that file that are stored in backup. But in my case all files and folders have the same number of versions which is equal to the number of (incremental) backups. Even those files that never changed.

Is that the expected behavior? I would have expected there would be new version only if the file has changed but content versions are probably not what this list really lists, is that right?

There is a column Version that is empty if the file did not change or contains an auto-incrementing version number if the file did change. I haven’t noticed this column before because I had too few backups completed and the column was empty.