Incremental Backup- High disk space consumption

I am using urbackup and performing incremental backup daily. Everything is fine. But in the server, It keeps the incremental backup copy along with the full backup files. ie duplicating the full backup files along with incremental backup files every time with time stamp.For example my full backup size is 10 GB and my incremental backup size is 100 MB. Only 100 MB files are transferred(backed up) from the client. But in server it creates a folder with time stamp 10 GB + 100 MB of size. When the next incremental backup it is creating the same again with new time stamp . I need to avoid this and keep only incremental backup files every time. Any help would be appreciated.

Most likely this is not the case
Most disk reporting tools will show hardlink usage wrong.

You need to take 1-2 hours reading about hardlink using google and compare to your disk usage to understand what s going on


I have checked manually also. Its consuming the size of full backup for every incremental backup.Is there any other options to stop it? pls help.


If on linux show “ls -lh” and “ls -li” of the folders where you see these files.
Do that on the folders for the same client and 3 different days.

Also please give the output of df -h , and mount

Thanks for your reply. But I only have the Windows servers.