Increase Inactivity Timeout

Is there any way to stop the web interface from timing out due to inactivity? Or at least increase the timeout?

I multi-task a lot. Especially now, while I am testing and setting up servers.

As a side note, it’s also a bit annoying that refreshing any page sends me back to the login page.

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It doesn’t time out here if I leave the activities page open rather than the status page.
It’s very easy after bringing the web page to the foreground to click across subsequently to other pages if I want them.

I’ve tested this and you are right. But then it requires a conscious effort to leave it on the activities page. But I may not need that page. Usually I’ll be working with/looking at a specific client config when I get pulled away to do something else.

I have a password manager that fills in the password, but it’s just an unnecessary and aggravating extra step.