Incorrect "File backup status" in 2.2.11

I have two machines configured to backup to a single instance of UrBackup. As I need the same items backed up from each I have assigned both to a group in the Settings:

Neither of them are marked to have their own settings:


Within the config for the group in the File Backups section, both full and incremental backups are set to disabled:

Within the Status page, under File backup status one is showing as “No recent backup” with a red background whilst the other is showing “Disabled” on a green background:

I would have expected both to show Disabled as this backup type is disabled. Alternatively, it’d be nice if they showed the same thing rather than completely different statuses.

I am running into this same exact issue running 2.2.11. I have about 60 endpoints and a number of them are showing “no recent backup” at the image level, when image level backups are not enabled for them to begin with and should show “disabled” instead.

It makes assessing the overall backup health of my machines at a high level a bit confusing.

Any reason why this is happening and how it can be corrected?