Include specific Linux path within excluded


Have got my UrBackup working pretty well, but I have added a bit of a tweak to the settings on one of my Linux boxes.

My clients are organised into groups, so I only want/need to change the setting on one group.

Currently the /run/ directory is set to be excluded, but I have a specific path that lies within this that I want to include in the backups.

Have tried to set the desired path in the Included files section, but looking at the backup logs, this wasn’t backed up.

Here are the settings for this group, which are set on the server side;
Excluded files (with wildcards):

Included files (with wildcards):
(The first section for SharedMedia is working, only the /run/ section isn’t)

Any ideas on how I can include the directory I want without backing up all of the /run/ directory structure?

Sorry for the late answer. There is a hard excluded (in code) for /run. With the newest version this hard exclude can be overriden by explicitly adding a directory to backup below the excluded folder, e.g. /run/user.

Hi @uroni,

Thank you for coming back to me, and I’m glad that it wasn’t something that was due to my ineptness.

Looking at the server GUI, it is currently running UrBackup 2.4.12 which was probably the latest version available when I was installing it; what is the latest version, or at least the earliest version that this is available?

Am still a bit of a Linux n00b, so it may well be that I’m not doing things as best they can be - but the reasoning that I was trying to do this is basically to include my website in the UrBackup backups, to enable me to revert to a previous version in case I bork something or the site gets tampered with…so if there is a better way that this can be accomplished (or if this is something that you might consider tweaking the system for :smirk: ) am happy to look into that too.

Just wanted to update this to say that I’ve sorted a different way to have the website backed up…

Using one of the Windows (10) computers, have installed “/n software SFTP Drive” and mapped the website as the W: drive, and then told UrBackup to include the W: drive for a group that contains the computer that has that drive.

Good to know that there is a way to do this in UrBackup going forward, but have enough to get done at the moment without updating software that [generally speaking] just works.

Kind regards,