Import backups from another server / site


Is it possible to import some image backups from another server ?
It would be interesting in order to make a local full image backup on a remote site (urbackup A) and import it on a centralized site (urbackup B).


Manipulating what other people have said about using another UrBackup server to backup your main one, instead of performing something like sym-links or something similar…

You could try this:

  1. Create the second backup server (a.k.a; UrBackup-B) and set it to backup the first one (UrBackup-A)
  2. Include only the backups you want. (H for example; **H::\Urbackup-A:\*; .vhd; .vhdz)
  3. Then just set up your UrBackup-B to backup UrBackup-A whenever you want.

The target would be :

  • First full image backup of the server branch office on a USB disk
  • Take my car and go to the main site
  • Plug the disk on the UrBackup Server
  • Import the backup

In order to prevent days and days of full image backup over the WAN !


I know that you said you would want to prevent days of backing up over WAN, but:

I do not know too much about the internet transfers, but I think while you cannot necessarily prevent it from taking eons with the initial backup, it may only take about a day or so from that point on - if it was an internet client that only backed up what has changed on your server since the last backup. I mean, you probably are not going to get much faster than your idea of manually bringing the files to the server, but if you’re fine with it taking forever then at least you can keep it from being over-saturated.

I’ve made some tests on 3 servers which have about 120-150 Gb of datas each.
These WAN clients make some Internet transfers with compression over SDSL 4 MBits links.
The first full image backup is about 3-4 days each to complete, and the incremental … i’ll told you after this week-end !

The main difficulty is to make the first full, to find a very large window (4 days) where we could saturate the network of between main site and branch offices …
This is why it should be nice to make the first full image backup on a removable media, if possible of course !