Imaging the entire disk

I would like to know if there is a way to set the urBackup to image the entire disk drive and not just a specific drive letter.
in windows vista / 2008 / 7 / 8 windows creates a small partition that is the first partition on the HD that is reserved to the OS, in case of an HD crash after replacing a drive a backup image only for the C drive won’t work. there is a need to restore this small reserved partition as well.
further more in laptops you often encounter a hidden partitions as well that it will also be wise to backup.
my question is basically, is there a way to tell the software to backup Disk0 entirely ?
if there is no way, will it be possible in future versions?

No there is currently no way. It does, however, backup (and restore) the “System reserved” partition automatically – so this should not be a problem.
Implementing the whole disk sceme would be difficult, and I don’t really see the benefits. After all you do not need the restore partition if you restore with UrBackup ;)
Additionally backing a restore partition up regularily would waste a lot of space (not for the incrementals, but for the fulls).

Thinkpad laptops always come with a number of hidden partitions. If you have to replace the entire laptop drive it would be nice to also restore these partitions…

My Thinkpad doesn’t have one… It’s probably a restore partition right? If yes you don’t need it because UrBackup does that for you ;)

If I could make it such that you could enter something like \.\Device\HardDiskX\PartitionY Would you be able to find the correct X and Y for your hidden partition?

If the X and Y info was easily found using Disk Manager in Windows then that would be a great option!