Imagebackup shows "no recent backup"

In the status I see “no recent back-up” but my backup do run.
This is the logfile of a backup I just ran:

Info 04-11-19 14:27 Starting unscheduled full image backup of volume “C:”…
Info 04-11-19 14:52 Transferred 19.3685 GB - Average speed: 109.739 MBit/s
Info 04-11-19 14:52 Time taken for backing up client 6006BLL: 25m 20s
Info 04-11-19 14:52 Backup succeeded

When I check the status tab I see this:
6006BLL Yes 04-11-19 15:11 04-11-19 14:27 No recent backups

Hi versus,

Is the image backup also absent in the Backups tab under the server itself? It could be that the status page only shows file backups, which, if you have not run any, will show no recent back-up.

Could be the same issue as "No recent backup" status of successfully full image backup . I think I didn’t fix it correctly (forgot to update) in the latest version.

So I don’t have to do anything? This will be fixed in a next update?