Image restore into virtual HDD file

I have successfully been able to restore a full image backup of my PC into a vmware virtual machine using the livecd. Thank you for this!!

I would like to be able to extract the full image backup as a vmdk or vhd file that I can load as a disk image in vmware or virtualbox? This would involve joining the two partition images into a full disk image (IMAGE_SYSVOL and IMAGE_C), as well as running the script (which is available on the livecd) to reset the hardware preferences.

Is this currently possible?

Yes can take image backup as vhd which is currently available.
Currently it supports compressed vhd and vhd format of image backup.

I have tried using the CLI to extract a vhd file, but it fails in two ways:

  1. It does not combine the SYSVOL and C images (as far as I can tell)
  2. I don’t see a way of resetting the hardware preferences in this file

OK, so for point 1, I see I have not been reading the manual correctly. It can be done using:

urbackupsrv -a /full/path/Image_C_XXXXX.vhdz -a /full/path/Image_SYSVOL_XXXXX.vhdz\
-o full_disk.vhd

But point 2 is still a problem