Image Backups with Ubuntu 22.04

I succesfully installed Urbackup and a Testclient on Windows and Debian, where I can make file and image backups that work.
The Problem is with Ubuntu: The Client gets detected by Urbackup and normal file backups are working as planed but when I start an image backup the Urbackup server just ignores me and doesn’t even start the backup or give out any error messages.
Are image backups generally not working with Ubuntu or did I mess something up with the urbackip client configuration.
Thank you in advance

When you install the client on the Ubuntu machine you are asked which snapshot mechanism you want to use. If dattoobd is not installed on your system and/or not chosen as snapshot mechanism you wont be able to do image backups.

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Thank you for your reply.
After installing dattobd on the client and deleting the snapshotfile and then starting the snapshot configuration process again I got it to work.
Thank you, should have read the snapshot mechanism part more closely, it’s easily missable.

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How did you install datto from source or packages?
When ever I try the packages method the URL says they don’t exist when trying to download.