Image backups to ZFS

While testing I thought I’d test making image backups to ZFS datasets.

I have the following files in /etc/urbackup/
root@urbackuptest:/etc/urbackup# for i in ls`; do echo $i; cat $i; echo “”; done




However, the images end up in /backup/$client/180131-1728_Image_C

What am I doing wrong?

Could you post the output of urbackup_snapshot_helper test?

If is functions correctly it should create symlinks in /backup/ to datasets in backup/images and backup/files. I guess you should be able to see the datasets with something like zfs list.

root@urbackuptest:~# urbackup_snapshot_helper test
Testing for btrfs...
ERROR: not a btrfs filesystem: /backup//testA54hj5luZtlorr494
TEST FAILED: Creating test btrfs subvolume failed
Testing for zfs...
root@urbackuptest:~# zfs list | grep -v tuxis
NAME                                              USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
backup                                           13.7G  34.5G  5.60G  /backup
backup/filebackups                                 19K  34.5G    19K  /backup/filebackups
backup/files                                     8.13G  34.5G    19K  /backup/files
backup/files/localhost                           7.06G  34.5G    21K  /backup/files/localhost
backup/files/localhost/180131-1533               2.97G  34.5G  2.96G  /backup/files/localhost/180131-1533
backup/files/localhost/180131-1540                822M  34.5G  2.97G  /backup/files/localhost/180131-1540
backup/files/localhost/180131-1606                777M  34.5G  2.98G  /backup/files/localhost/180131-1606
backup/files/localhost/180131-2111                885M  34.5G  3.08G  /backup/files/localhost/180131-2111
backup/files/localhost/180201-0214               1.20G  34.5G  3.22G  /backup/files/localhost/180201-0214
backup/files/localhost/180201-0717                215M  34.5G  2.37G  /backup/files/localhost/180201-0717
backup/files/localhost/180201-1219                260M  34.5G  2.48G  /backup/files/localhost/180201-1219
backup/files/windowstest                          107M  34.5G    20K  /backup/files/windowstest
backup/files/windowstest/180131-1726             98.6M  34.5G  98.5M  /backup/files/windowstest/180131-1726
backup/files/windowstest/180131-2228             2.00M  34.5G  98.5M  /backup/files/windowstest/180131-2228
backup/files/windowstest/180201-0329             2.26M  34.5G  98.8M  /backup/files/windowstest/180201-0329
backup/files/windowstest/180201-0829             2.03M  34.5G  98.8M  /backup/files/windowstest/180201-0829
backup/files/windowstest/180201-1329             1.97M  34.5G  98.8M  /backup/files/windowstest/180201-1329
backup/images                                      19K  34.5G    19K  /backup/images

/backup is that large because that is where the images are written.

So it doesn’t use ZFS snapshots for images… Can you check that the image snapshot method is COW - raw, and post the debug messages during startup (urbackupsrv run -v debug)?

I just found out that you need to set ‘Image backup file format’ to ‘Raw copy-on-write file’… You might want to add that to the documentation in case a fool like me reads it… :slight_smile:

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