Image backups not appearing when trying to restore

I’m doing some Disaster Recovery testing. And good thing I am. When trying to restore 3 of my servers using the bootable restore iso, I can connect to the server and see a list of clients. However when i choose 3 out of about 10 of my server it says there is “no data”. When looking in the UrBackup admin panel I can see these servers have backups as early as this morning.

Why can’t I see these backups?

Please check that you don’t have two backup servers and are using the wrong one.

Also please check if it is a regression by trying the same thing with

Hello. The older restore iso seems to be working, I’m currently restoring.

This only happens on some of the machines. Anything I can do to fix this?

Same thing for me, Restore iso 2.4.0 shows 2 Clients but only on one i can choose a recovery image. The second client shows “no data”. Logfiles and Status on the server are fine for both of them…
2.3.1. iso found all of them, but i had to boot it 3 times to find the networksettings and server…

I think I was able to track down this issue. Please try with 2.4.1 ( ).


Thanks, new Version worked properly.


Hi I have the same problem. I have checked dont have any other urbackup server in ma network and all version od Urbackup has the same problem during restore I can see the client but no data to restore and when I m in the webbrowser I can see normal data to this client
What can I do with this ? Of course last resort will be to create URbackup from the begining but if it is possible I would rather preffer to do it simpler way
Best regards