Image backups being created regardless of settings

I only have two desktops that im backing up. I control them from the server gui. I have disabled allow client side of settings in general and for each client. Yet even though one of the desktops I do not want image backups created it still will do full image backups. Im not sure whats going on but its very annoying. Any advise would be appreciated.

i guess in the main setting tab you ticked : Do not do image backups ?
Maybe you need to restart urbackup service for this service to take effect.

I dont think you need to, but :

  • you can go to the client tab, and on the image backup tab click disable.
  • on the permission tab untick:
    Allow client-side starting of full image backups
    Allow client-side starting of incremental image backups

Also maybe the client didn’t updated its settings yet. But i think if you disabled image backup on the main tab, the image backup wont work on client even if configured.

The permission tab is to allow manual operation from the client, and make sure only operations initiated from server are made. So maybe you misunderstood that.

I didnt tick Do not do image backups because one of my desktops I want an image backup. The one I only want file backups is doing image backups. The settings are no longer available from the clients after unticking allow client side settings.

Select the client, tick separate setting for this client
On the image backup tab click disable for incremental and full interval.

Done that and its still doing full image backups on its own :frowning:

When I woke up this morning and checked it created4 full image backups over night. This is ridiculous. Its weird thats its fine on my desktop but this laptop its all sorts of messed up.

This is happening for me too. It is backing up C drive and I haven’t specified to do so.

I actually found the problem. even if image backup is disabled if you have any volumes specified in Volumes to backup: by default for me that was C so it was backing up C regardless of the enable/disable options. I cleared the field rebooted everything and it works.