Image backup starts, but stop with error opening .vhdz file

I got this error in the server log for a client for several day, while doing a full backup.
The full back has never completed.

Info 01.07.24 05:31 Starting scheduled full image backup of volume “C:”…
Info 01.07.24 05:33 Basing image backup on last incremental or full image backup
Errors 01.07.24 05:33 Error opening VHD file “e:\urbackup\Kxxx\240701-0533_Image_C\Image_C_240701-0533.vhdz”
Info 01.07.24 05:33 Transferred 4.29947 MB - Average speed: 2.64398 MBit/s
Info 01.07.24 05:33 Time taken for backing up client Kxxx: 1m 46s
Errors 01.07.24 05:33 Backup failed

Urbackup server ver. 2.5.33
Any ideas of how to fix this?

Hi. The error suggests Urbackup can’t open the last backup file. And thus can’t continue on making a incremental based on the data.
Step 1 would be to check if the file is even there. Perhaps it was deleted on the filesystem?

If it’s gone, or unreadable, i’d remove the Image_C_240701-0533 backup so it can make a new backup.

Hi thanks for your response, it help me to find the actual error.
Here is what I ended up to do.

First i moved all folders with image backup for the client kxxx to another location.
Then I started a new full image backup and then got this other error
ERROR Could not read MBR. Error message: Backup GPT magic wrong 1
ERROR Cannot retrieve master boot record (MBR) for the disk from the client.
This i also discused here Could not read MBR.
On the client, where no errors about MBR was logged, I fixed the harddrive MBR.
After that I could not run a image backup, because I still get the first error.
I ended up completly remove the client from UrBackup server, delete the Urbackup software on the client. And then added as a new client with another name. Now it’s running poperly.