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Hi everyone.
During the client installation I chose to perform the image backup with LVM
What should I configure on the client to start the image copy from the server, as it gives me these errors:


In order to create LVM snapshot you need to have free extents (PE blocks) in volume group at the client.
As we see in you log you don’t have free extents (0 extents, needs to be larger).
Therefore UrBackup could not make LVM snapshot.

For check free extents use this commands:

sudo vgdisplay
Free  PE / Size       2559 / <10.00 GiB

For fix it:
You can reduce the lvm volume for have free extents or you can use dattobd snapshots instead LVM snapshots (I prerefere use dattobd).

For use dattobd additionally need (at the client):

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Sorry if I answer only now, but I thought I had already answered you in due time
Thanks to your indications I centered and understood the problem…that I am solving…thanks for your precious support