Image backup interval

As I understood, minimal interval for image backups is 1 day. Can I put value such as 0.1 or 0.01 day?
Urbackup client give error, but not server. Is it correctly put value 0.1 day, for example?


Yes, should work.

Thanks for reply!
What symbol used correctly? Is it dot or a comma?
For example 0.1 or 0,1 day

Additional question:
How UrBackup will be work, if specified incremental image interval as 0.01 per day (roughly every 15 minutes), if incremental part does not have time yet to send to the server within 15 minutes?

It is 0.1 day.

I haven’t tried it but I guess it will then immediately start another backup after the previous backup was finished.

It seems that we can not use an interval less than one day. My current interval 0.01 day, but statistic showed different interval. See screenshot

Additional screensot:

Are you sure it propagated correctly to the ZabbixVHost-02 client (is the screenshot of the settings of this client)?

Oh, you’re right. I switched off option “Allow client-side changing of settings”.
From client side I saw 1 day interval. Now I’m testing interval 0.01 day.


Apparently 0.01 day interval is incorrect. The backup process stopped. About 2 days is no changes.

I will try to send the log files.


Here it is debug log from client. I hope that it can help
debug_last.log (737.0 KB)

It seems that with the release of version 1.4.8. the problem is no longer relevant, but I continue testing.