Image backup in beta


There is a slight problem developing with only have a single snapshot tech at the moment. If you system contains both LVM and normal “direct” mounts, then snapshotting fails. The client assumes that everything is LVM or everything is dattobd (in my case)

cat /usr/local/etc/urbackup/snapshot.cfg

#This is a key=value config file for determining the scripts/programs to create snapshots


Thanks :slight_smile:

Forgot to attach:

2020-11-01 07:09:34: ERROR: Creating snapshot of “/dev/sda2” failed
2020-11-01 07:09:34: ERROR: Snapshotting device /dev/sda2 via dm…
2020-11-01 07:09:34: ERROR: /dev/sda2 is not a device mapper device. Cannot snapshot via dm.
2020-11-01 07:09:34: ERROR: Creating shadowcopy of “/dev/sda2” failed.
2020-11-01 07:09:34: ERROR: Creating shadow copy failed. See client log file for details.
2020-11-01 07:09:34: Sending full image done

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